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招聘社區隔離設施內務管理助理 / Recruitment - Housekeeping Assistant for Community Isolation Facilities (CIFs) (更新於2022年9月2日)

保安局最新一輪招聘社區隔離設施內務管理助理職位。這是一份為期 2 個月的非公務員合約,預計將於 2022 年 9 月內上任(從 2022 年 9 月至 2022 年 11 月,此後每月續約)。月薪、合同期限、工作時間、工作地點、職責、入職和工作要求、聘用條件以及附帶福利等信息詳見招聘通知。




a) 已完成中五或同等程度教育;
(b) 有最少兩年旅遊業或展覽業工作經驗,或持有獲香港相關體育總會認可的有效教練/導師証書或同等資格[入職條件附註];
(c) 對互聯網、電郵和一般商業軟件應用(例如:MS Word和Excel)有基本認識;
(d) 具備基本的英文和粵語書寫及口語能力,以及基本的溝通及人際技巧;
(e) 已接種三劑新冠肺炎疫苗;
(f) 沒有刑事記錄;
(g) 在收到通知1個曆日後即能報到上任(通知可能在2022年9月發出)

申請人須透過公務員事務局網站 ( 網上提交G.F. 340,並須於截止時限前(2022年9月6日下午6時)電郵所需的證明文件副本(即旅遊業/ 展覽業的工作證明,或有效教練/導師証書或同等資格) 至 申請人電郵證明文件副本至時,須在電郵標題註明網上申請編號。如申請人只於網上提交G.F. 340,而未有電郵所需的證明文件副本,申請將不被接納。

如有任何查詢,請於辦公時間內致電 2810 3926 或 2810 3751 與保安局聯絡。



This is to inform you that the Security Bureau is going to launch another round of recruitment of Housekeeping Assistant for Community Isolation Facilities. It is a Non-Civil Service Contract (NCSC) terms for a period of 2 months and is expected to assume duty within September 2022 (from September to November 2022, subject to renewal thereafter on a monthly basis). The information including the monthly salary, contract period, working hours, place of work, duties, entry and job requirements,terms of appointment as well as fringe benefits are detailed in the Recruitment Notice.

Job Title: Housekeeping Assistant for Community Isolation Facilities

Salary: $31,000 per month

Applicants must meets the following criteria to apply for the position:

(a) have completed Secondary 5, or equivalent;
(b) have at least 2 years of working experience in the travel industry or possess valid coach/instructor certificate recognised by respective National Sports Associations of Hong Kong or equivalent;
(c) have basic knowledge of internet, email and application of common business softwares, such as MS Word and Excel;
(d) have basic command of written and spoken in English and Cantonese and basic communication and interpersonal skills;
(e) have completed three doses of COVID-19 vaccine;
(f) have no criminal record;
(g) be able to report duty with one calendar day’s notice (likely to be served in September 2022).
Interested person should submit the completed G.F. 340 via CSB website ( on or before 6 September 2022 (Tuesday) at 18:00 and email the copies of the required supporting documents to ""Please state your home addresses, email addresses and mobile telephone number (which could be reached by SMS messages) in the online G.F. 340. 

If you have any inquiries, please contact the Security Bureau at 2810 3926 or 2810 3751 during office hours.

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Last updated on 2 September, 2022